Maybe because I'm a guy... not a lighthouse

I want to see quick action and some retribution.

I’ve been seeing my kid sis as the victim in all this family drama as the youngest brother is amazing and kind to me and raging and horrid to my sis. My parents are always there for me and then tell my sis, “hey, you’re strong, you don’t need our help so off you go and take care of it yourself.”

I want action and results and I want to step in and really lay into this brother of mine. I want my parents to at least be there for my sis.

I’ve been really frustrated at all the nasty action that I have seen and all the inaction I’ve seen from her. I’ve taken her passiveness as weakness and her silence and ignoring as being the victim. I got upset enough that I started sleep walking. The sis said she had a plan…

She had the strangest way of showing me her plan on how to handle this.

These sort of pics are all over our front door today and the computer desk top.

She has chosen to be a lighthouse… No punching, no screaming, no anything but standing there and not being drowned. I don’t know if that is really a plan as more of a state of being.

I still want to protect and help and make the family drama stop. But I guess I have to learn that no movement doesn’t mean inactive.

I’m trying to figure out who wins… The ocean or the lighthouse? I would like her to punch him in the nose.

Since I don’t hear of lighthouses being destroyed I would bet on the lighthouse. :smile:


J, when my brother cut us off from his life with no real reason, I became that lighthouse. I did not react or make the first move. I ignored him and let the “wave” roll on through. it worked - he later approached us with his tail between his legs sort of speak.

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Thank you for that. I’m glad your brother came to his senses and made the move to resume contact. The kid sis is taking your lead on this one. She is letting the waves pass on through.

I sort of wish I could be more like a lighthouse too. No matter what rages around me, just let the light shine.

I wish this brother would cut my sis out and not contact… I’m thinking it would be a great change… instead of the onslaught of death wish letters and weird phone calls.

He’s really sweet as pie to me. So he knows how to be human to me. But has decided to a twisted SOB to the youngest and only girl in the family.

It’s hard for me to be mad at him for what he did to me… because he’s done nothing to me. The sis has said nothing like always; and I am feeling very stuck in the middle. I would like to be out of the middle.

Can you talk to him about the situation? Do you think this will help or hurt even more - I dont know, maybe a good communication session is what is needed

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Lighthouse! The lighthouse also guides people in the water, so maybe it’s an allegory to her service as a lifeguard and you as a surfer! My AP English sense is tingling!

Hmmm it’s also a potential phallus symbol gets wet without even trying. Just being analytical…LOL

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personally from what i can decipher from you of your sisters personality , i would not go up against her, and i am dark sith !.
she has a plan, always watch out for the silent ones.
take care


I have two brothers. I would like to be close to both of them. I am close to one of them. With the other brother I have a partial estrangement.

My Mom wanted to talk to me awhile back. One of the things she said was she knows it hurts me that I have a partial estrangement from my brother. She says she knows it’s not about her, but there have been so many hard things in my life that this one more loss I have to go through makes her sad. Thanks, Mom!


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You also always make me smile. :smiley:
Thank you.

I wouldn’t go against you, I’d try and learn all I could about your rocket ship. :rocket:

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