May I ask you what meds had the biggest impact on your negatives?

Jake I have tried many different antipsychotics and they mostly energized but they didn’t fix problems like anhedonia (lack of pleasure in activities) or amotivation.

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I am pretty sure there was one person on this site, that the APs medicines helped with negative symptoms. His avatar name was daydreamer. I had a hunch that his negative symptoms got better.

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Yeah, despite others’ experiences, I’m having great success with Geodon, Seroquel, and Zoloft. The Zoloft AD is weaker though and helps in a subconscious way. Geodon is like an upper boost of energy. So much so that it overrides Seroquel withdrawal. Seroquel helps me sleep for many hours; it’s like a sedative. The trick with Seroquel is it boosts general energy when I wake up. Extra daily recharge/refresh effect. The APs help me focus/concentrate, energy boost, and helps me feel better. Huh, amazing that that’s what the APs are designed to do. I am what you would call a schizophrenic archetype. Some negatives won’t improve, however, such as thought disorganization/blocking/repetition.

I guess I’m just one of the unlucky ones whose positives can resolve and whose negatives cannot. So I’ll reject any kinds of antidepressants because most of you didn’t realy improve on ADs. So to keep it simple my meds of choice is Clopixol depo.

Geodon helps my negatives too. Still glued to the couch lately but I think it’s Depakote doing that. I stopped it so hopefully I’ll have more energy when it clears out.

I’ve only been on invega and they had a big impact on giving me negative symptoms :joy:

Amisulpride helps with my negatives a lot

Clozapine maybe helps.
I don’t know

Loads of the antipsychotics have used had some very activating effects on me so I’m very satisfied being calmed down with Clopixol the Grand old antimanic antipsychotic and.mood stabilzator

Zyprexa has helped me the best, It took me out bed and made me more active than off meds.

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I have tried a bunch of ap’s but always ends up with 5 mg olanzapine and now im staying with good ol’ olanzapine


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They did brexpiprazole

Big second for Bupropion but you may not like it if you go hyper. Reboxetine and fluoxetine might also be options

The question I would ask is if the AP works by giving you negative symptoms then if I take a drug that removes negatives then possibly it could make the AP less effective. Unless there are different mechanisms involved.