May have to quit my job

Or find another…things aren’t getting better even with med, and last year was fine, maybe it’s just a bad year for me

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Do you get sick leave/pay? Or have insurance that might cover you?

You could always arrange to do a sabbatical and come back when your ready (and do something ‘cool’ whilst off work)!

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They don’t give sick pay unfortunately, and insurance is too much, I was on disability for 20 years and it was stopped when we moved here, I made too much, but it was the only way to be near the girls…

Thinking of trying to get back on disability

My job is at a hotel, and I am under attack every shift, getting discouraged, thought it was because I ran out of med for a few months…

I think you might have hit the nail on the head. Even if you didn’t need meds any more stopping them probably isn’t the best thing to do!

I heard it said that schizophrenia is like diabetes that the meds are required while there is too much dopamine produced rather than a lack of insulin! Both of which require medication or injections to help stabilise you.

So you might be on them until a better treatment comes along.

Anyway it helps if you do something cool with your life. For me I love sailing but it’s currently prohibitorily expensive. But I’m looking at doing a distance learning course to get a degree.

Art is my life’s work, but I can’t support us on that unfortunately, …when we moved, I had med and took it but didn’t get a doctor or counselor, that wasn’t good, just got tired of the system, and so payment is due

I’m also not under a pdoc, CPN or other services and only see my GP every few months, although I used to have a support worker until 2 weeks ago, but live in a low support project.

I’d say if art is your passion you should do more of it, you’ll be surprised what you can find the time to do with a little effort!

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Thank you for the encouragement :blush:

Even in difficult times, a good saying is
Never give up, never surrender

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