Maximize your prescription

I see the doctor every 3 months. He gives me a RX that last that amount of time and then some. Some overlap there. I get a month of meds by prescription that I can stock up save for future supply. That is how you add up your medication stock.

Another way is just get prescribed the max dosage and take the lesser dose required. That will extend the time your medication will last.

Cutting costs is being prudent. Like knowing cost per pill, the weight, many factors to consider. We want to save and stop foolish spending, keep an eye on cost. Know the math can’t nothing block your path. This goes for earning money in general, same economic model applies. One lacking needs to be more astute when it comes to finances. Because being financially wealthy is a road to good mental health.

I live in Canada. My employer’s insurance pays for all of my medication and hospital stays…never been out of pocket one thin dime.

I never understood insurance completely how it works, just a another way to make money to survive these days. It gets complicated to study it. But eventually I will learn to assimilate it. And do the math on it. Thanks for your time to post.