Masturbation and physical energy

Nowadays(maybe it’s age thing) I masturbate far less frequently than I used to. You would think that with gaps to recharge batteries(so to say) achieving climax would be fairly easy when I do.
Got the urge to masturbate this afternoon but struggled to get an erection and gave up physically exhausted a long way off climaxing. This is not the first time this has happened.
I am not obsessed with masturbation but have heard masturbating from time to time is healthy for the prostate so when I do try from time to time I’d rather succeed.
My prolactin level is more than twice what it should be but not very high ie in the 1000s…

Was wondering how long periods without masturbating affected people here and whether others had difficulty climaxing.

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I reach climax after 3 minutes up down .cuz I don’t take med…and its like 2 times in a week is enough…
god save the queen…???

Your prolactin levels seem to be pretty high @firemonkey
My prolactin levels are a tad bit high - almost normal, but I suffer from significant sexual/libido issues nonetheless

I tried for about 10 minutes and it was still semi/three quarters flaccid and no signs of orgasm( on occasion have cum when nit fully erect). I was too exhausted to try further.

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nasty save energy save life… they have rightly said Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another, try playing games or engage somewhere… cuz I am quitting porn…

It’s not important in terms of having sex with anyone for me(as it’s nearly 25 years since I’ve had it and I’m unlikely to form an intimate relationship with anyone)) but it does give pleasure occasionally and as said there is the prostate angle.
If this is meds related then I can see why men in relationships get frustrated and it could be the cause of quite a few relationship breakdowns


The only time I’ve had difficulty climaxing was when I was taking Effexor, Zoloft, or Paxil. It was frustrating, but my girlfriend liked it.

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When I state that Im having sexual problems, what I mean is that I am experiencing erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation - I am not currently engaging in sexual relations at the moment.

Risperdal causes a lot of these issues - I dont know how much prolactin is playing a role in this for me - I also suffer from Low Testosterone, probably from higher than normal prolactin levels.
Higher than normal prolactin lelvels usually means lower testosterone levels

I used to have extremely low to extremely high and it fluctuates over years. I can do it three times a day I noticed. Went from two to three. I can go for like I don’t know forty five minutes. TMI? You’re all talking about it.

I like to shoot a load once a day weather it’s masterbating or intercourse- sometimes twice or three days a day but usually just once. I find that my brain is not always on board with it’s poor sporadic thoughts but I pride myself on focus and persistence and a flaccid ■■■■■ is just something to work through- I do give up and fail sometimes but succeed for the most part.