Mass delusion

We just accept we live in a society where aggression is encouraged and rewarded and being passive is looked down on and punished.

Three things about that. First of all, anyone who drives on Bay Area freeways and many other places knows what I’m talking about.

Two, it dawned on me in my early twenties (and then I forgot about it) what right do all these teenagers and twenty somethings have to go around intimadating and bothering people when they’re not doing anything wrong. None at all but that’s just the way it is. I fall into that trap sometimes and do it too but I just remember being 21 years old and I couldn’t go anywhere without all these friggin blonde haired, square jawed , young guys with their mirror sunglasses driving around like they own everything. Their attitude of entitlement was deliberate. Enough said.

Third, in my limited knowledge, the point of aggression is to make the victim think he’s doing something wrong. Aggression covers up the perpetrators own faults and makes other people into victims. I learned this most basic stuff in my twenties but was discouraged to use it against those majority people who were causing all the trouble.

And I formulated my own theory about how life seems to work. All the people who don’t need the help get all the encouragement and help. While the average poor guy like me and many others due to being “different” have to fend for themselves against the hoard of " normal" people. I’m not saying life is hopeless, but these realities sure can screw you up. I don’t sit around thinking about this stuff all the time but it sure dawns on me at times.