Masking Others

I have an “insane” habit of putting other people’s faces on at totally unexpected moments. I think this symptom-phenomenon arises out of loneliness and a wish to be with the people I mask, particularly the women.

I’m a bit confused, more detail please.

Are you from Braavos?


Fantasy is quite common and it can lead to problems.

I love the braavos quote. Very point! But in all seriousness it’s just fantasy. Try training your brain away from it. It’s hard but doable. Reality is the way to go and that is hard for people who exist in fantasy. I know. I’ve been there before!


This habit is not a conscious maneuvering on my part, but comes over me quite inadvertently. I don’t will it. It just happens without my choosing to do it.

I think I know ehat you’re talking about I was watching a Trump speech and it was like I was looking out of my face but it took the feeling of his jaw line and brow etc… quite odd. Since it wasn’t like I was mibdfully doing it

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You ok Martin? Usually you’re pretty coherent. Not sure what you’re talking about here but hope your meds/life is all ok.


I’m fine. I’m taking my meds. My post seems perfectly clear to me. If there’s something you don’t understand, please tell me what it is.

Thank you! I think I’m Trump often-the whole man.

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Hahaha atleast you aren’t on the hate Trump wagon

I don’t hate him. There are some similarities between him and me in personality traits, Still, this is megalomania on my part.

Are you saying you suffer from megalomania?

Yes. But only vaguely. It is not one of my major symptoms.

I don’t really think you have it. Everyone has to have that confidence to do anything in life. The ones that make it seem like y9ure too full of yourself usually are the ones completely brewing over with their b’s or people that can’t be confident.

Do you sometimes wish you were able to react like other non-schizophrenic people?

No. I like being schizophrenic, but it isolates me because hardly anyone else is. It gives me a point of view that is much better than any normal point of view.

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Don’t be lonely. If you’re lonely, reach out to family, friends, or the community. The facial expressions thing doesn’t seem to be a major problem if it’s not negatively affecting your life.

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