Marvel and Netflix Keep The Antipsychiatry Fake News Alive


I’ll admit, I couldn’t read this whole article. It’s one of those that goes into such detail that I start to panic.
However, while this does seem to point out extremes in depictions of psychiatry, isn’t it also extreme to have complete faith in a practice that has been historically abusive towards the mentally ill?
I am not anti-psychiatry, and I am not at all anti-medication for those who benefit, and there are many. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that psychiatrists are humans who guess at things and make mistakes, etc.
People with compromised psyches are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. We suffer our disorders, we suffer stigma, and sometimes we suffer mistreatment. That’s a fact.
I don’t like any extreme, but I do appreciate a balance to stay aware and keep things in perspective.


I must admit to having something of a mixed view of psychiatry. My own experiences have been less than good, but I am aware of luckier people who seem to have had a much better experience.
I do think psychiatry needs to take a more compassionate ,caring,honest,intelligent and holistic approach.

This includes more pdocs/mental health workers learning to ask,listen and learn before rushing to judgement.


Yes! Then I might trust them more.

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He makes some points but there is incompetence and abuse, which I have experienced.

Anytime your not allowed to question someone or something, it’s best to pull up your pant legs and RUN, but no screaming.

i watched the marvel Netflix original iron fist… the terrible treatment of iron fist at the hospital was heavily influenced by his enemies… the real doc he had actually wasn’t that bad… they did kinda make the meds look bad though… patients medicated into zombie states… and suppressing iron fists ability to make use of his iron fist because his mind was fuzzy from the meds… and some of the patients were criminally insane who had murdered their families with hammers or whatever… and they were mixed in with the non violent non criminals … I don’t think that really happens…

but lets be honest its a fictional show about a earth man who went to the realm of the gods and learned super god kung fu… im not gonna take their thoughts on insanity or its treatments serious…and if you do maybe skip the super hero genre…

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