Married at nine

I’ve heard it from different sources that humans marry at age nine. This made no sense to me until I realized that the wedding isn’t the marriage, it is the solemnization of a marriage.
And, come to think of it, my childhood sweetheart gave me a big pain in the 4th grade so I’m calling that my first marriage. I think he was looking for security, something women have always been accused of doing when looking to marry. Does this ring a bell to any of you?

I was infatuated with someone in third grade and fifth grade. My fifth grade boyfriend gave me a ring. He was very popular with the ladies later. I sent him an email on facebook once and then felt really stupid, because I didn’t get to know him that well.

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I hate that when I guy makes me feel stupid but it happens all the time to me.

My nan got engaged at 4, married at 12. :confused:

Obviously an arranged marriage, n’est ce pas?

Not sure why she gets all happy about it… but yeah

A lot of societies still believe in marriages being arranged by the parents.

In pakistan, some children at the age of 10 marry much older men

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Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

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On my days off I like to sleep in. Can we make it eleven-thirty instead?

Getting married on your day off because you’re off your rocker.

Well, that’s inappropriate. I hope the children are female at least.

Can’t you repeat yourself?

Yeah its a terrible thing, i saw on bbc that it still happens in some parts of pakistan

It happens in a lot of places outside of that country too. Unfortunately.

In some cultures girls are considered adult at age 9 and can be married.

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