Marriage and children?

I am single with no kids and very satisfied.

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I’m single and I want to get married and have children, but I don’t think I ever will.

A hard passsss!

Single with two amazing daughters! I’ll probably be single forever. It beats having to talk on the phone to a woman. This chick keeps calling me. I’m more of a txter. I may talk to her on phone. I’m really dreading it.

It’s a crappy predicament for many sz. I will likely perish alone and in a nursing home. At least you have children.

You should start getting out and about to find someone. I know easier said than done. I’m a grade a hermit.

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Single no kids. I don’t think I want kids.

Name two things besides crack I never wanted and never miss not having.

Single but not ready to mingle. I honestly think I couldn’t give the attention required to a partner and child if I had them. However many normies also probably think that way so who knows?

Not married with no children, because I just don’t have the will. I doubt if I can function with someone other than my family. I’m sociable, but I just don’t think I can handle all the responsibility. I’m starting to think it’s better to stay friends with somebody and not get too close. I’ve had some failures with being too close to someone. It’s like revealing all my downsides to someone, which can be great but can be scary. I feel I have too many downsides.

I am happy being single for a few reasons. I am schizophrenic and poor. Schizophrenia is a horrible disease that can be inherited and when I watched my brothers take care of their kids i saw their wallets being used on a frequent basis.

Married. 6 kids, one of them from a previous relationship. Oldest is 26.


I forget or forgot these things about you, and @ninjastar too.

Sorry I had that thread locked yesterday morning.

I know better but still lose insight, something may be amiss in the med cocktail I’m currently on.

Plus the compulsive water drinking(and smoking) may adversely effect the work the meds are supposed to be doing. And brain chemistry changes over time to boot.

But back to you guys, it’s nice(an understatement) that you are both highly involved and committed to nurturing. I don’t think I’ll add drama or anything peculiar or confusing or work to and for you moderators. Sorry for the book.

(I’m single and I picked my future, but my future also picked me. 50/50 which is a blessing because I don’t carry resentment on the matter.


Have you been checked for diabetes? I know one of the signs is excessive thirst.


I think I have. I’ll ask next time I go in December.But still listening to my body(and mind too) I think it’s psychogenic polydipsia which I think stems from fear, sadly.

It’s sort of interesting I beat the sum of all fears I once carried, but now the ritual or just pattern of drinking icy cold water remains.

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Careful of your electrolytes, though. I’m no expert on treating polydipsia, but I would guess that replacing some of your beverages with gatorade could help reduce the risk of water toxicity. Maybe ask your doctor about that?

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Thanks for taking it seriously.

I’m now wondering of late about kidney problems, and (due to thinking too much) I am seeing a future whereby I’ll need to ask a loved one, for one of their kidneys.

Which I believe I have the fortitude to never do, but I’m such a good older brother that if I don’t do it, it’ll be a mind (beep) to and for said loved ones.

It’s macabre but I feel so good for getting that out and putting it somewhere.

A fantasy of mine is that people will want to put pieces together about me once I’m gone. Like Citizen Kane, or perhaps what ‘deconstructing Harry’ was about?

It’s fantasy I know. And egocentric.

It’s very very hard. But without them I would probably do nothing. For me it is worth the difficulties.