Market place today

I woke up early today and rode my bicycle to our local market place where people sold berries, vegetables and other produce. It was nice, but at this time there was no music yet, because it was slightly rainy. Later in the summer there is some music, old and traditional Finnish and Russian music and songs such as this:


Great music! Thanks for sharing

One benefit of living in a small town in Eastern Finland is that distances are short. It takes just 20 minutes me to ride my bicycle from my place to the market place and so I did it again. At this time there was some live music such as these (the second one is in Swedish):

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Sounds Great @mjseu!

I just happened to be in the area after my jury duty stint ended and up pops a farmers market.

What a pleasant surprise after that nightmare court experience, must be Gawd’s way of saying sorry to me.

Anyway, 14Lbs and 8 bags later with arms aching from the weight, I finally made it home and tried one of everything I bought.

Super sweet locally grown white peaches, yellow peaches, white nectarines, vine ripened tomatoes, sweet purple onions, and a wickedly large white radish Daikon? The ones where you use a spiral slicer and salt and a very dark ale for maximum pleasure.

To get a real life experience in my area, one should manage to understand Finnish, Swedish and Russian, then there are occasional German speakers too. We are living in the multi-lingual area.

I did not know that mentally ill people had to serve in the jury duty, strange, here where I am we have a totally different legal system.

Thank you for your information. Very helpful to understand another culture.

Is this a finnish band…i know the songs in english i couldnt find the original…but i love this band

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They also have a song its an old story about a witch who made a deal to be placed on hallowed ground…she pays the main char in a gold chain…but he regrets his deal and returns the chain to the witchs body…wonderful song…no idea what their saying or what the story really is…

I skirted our Farmer’s Market this morning. Tomorrow I go to the city to shop for my weekly food at a Whole Foods Market.
I have stopped listening to music mjseu.
Studied Russian in college.


They will take anyone they can get.
I have been summoned for jury duty more times than I care to count, but only once made it to the jury box, but I got dismissed because my dad worked at a bank, not because I have SZ.

One mentally ill person had a criminal proceeding here where I am about 12 years ago. I did not have to serve as a witness because I was mentally ill and heard voices.

I was called twice in NJ. I got off both times with a note from my doctor. Here in Maryland, I am permanently off the list because of the SZ. I tell myself my judgment is not good.

When I did have a pdoc, she wrote me notes excusing me from jury duty for 2 years at a time. Now that I don’t have medical insurance or pdoc, I get thrown in jail if I don’t show up.