Markers of Bipolar

Lara, D.; Bisol, L.; Akiskal, H., et al: Validation of the “rule of three”, the “red sign” and temperament as behavioral markers of bipolar spectrum disorders in a large sample, in Journal of Affective Disorders, Vol. 183, September 2015, DOI:

"…29 markers were overexpressed in bipolar groups, … the most robust differences in those with bipolarity… were

≥3 religion changes,
≥3 marriages,
cheating the partner regularly,
having ≥60 lifetime sexual partners,
pathological love,
heavy cursing,
speaking ≥3 foreign languages,
having ≥2 apparent tattoos,
circadian dysregulation
high debts."

Doing any of these things does not necessarily mean that one has bipolar. These are just behaviors seen in unusually high incidence in people who have bipolar.

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■■■■ ■■■■■■■ that was low! :slight_smile:

Not if this applies to me I guess the docs got it wrong.

Well I still have to hit that marriages scale…

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People on the drugs forum sometimes use acronym swim.
I have one question.
Someone that is not me has been diagnosed with bipolar after first and the only one psychotic episode.( delusions+mania).

Person is not even old enough for those markers, so they must be entitled to the specific age group, yes?

The markers were developed from a survey a large # of people ranging from late teens to 60s if I recall correctly. Aside from that, these are “common symptoms” or “typical behaviors” rather than “diagnostic requirements” (as in the ICD or DSM).

Where have you gone?
I have more questions… lol

Weird, the only behaviors i have from the list is heavy cursing and circadian dysregulation.

What does pathological love mean? I’ve never heard of that term before.

I’m surprised rapid change of weight isn’t on the list! It’s common for me to lose and gain 30 lbs in a year. Also drug and alcohol abuse would have been common I would have thought.

Like sadomasochism (“S&M”) and B&D (bondage & dominance).

I was a bit surprised about that, as well.

I think this means I don’t have bipolar

I’m guilty for more than a half of it.
Bipolar® legit :sunglasses:

I am surprised that drug and/or alcohol abuse is not considered a marker.

I guess that I did not have bipolar either, except for the tattoos and circadian dysregulation, I dont have these markers.

Having multiple sex partners is a big one for bipolar disorder - never was my problem.

My pdoc is right on this one - Schizoaffective disorder is a better fit for me.

What is circadian dysregulation?
Says that it’s also common with sz pts.

Wake vs. sleep cycle all ■■■■■■ up. (Yes; you do have this. :grinning:)

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Anymore people dx’d bipolar or think they have bipolar on this site?