Mark Twain is right again. Ain't that dude ever wrong?

A quote my dad e-mailed me 20 years ago. It’s a little longer than this but this is the gist.

“In twenty years you are not going to regret the things you did, you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do.”

                                            Samuel Clemens

Yeah, I’ve done in infinite amount of stupid things or said stupid things. But those make great stories. But when I think of wasted opportunities as the result of fear maybe or, even laziness I wish I would have just taken that chance and tried a little harder or I wish I had not gotten shy or blown those chances in other ways.



Yeah you’ve got to worry about the new famous people. No one leaves quotes like Twain and those people did!

We’re in the new millenium and honestly we’ve lost a lot of intellectuals. We have business people but economics is such a poor science. If they were any good they’d solve world hunger which shows how poor that realm is!

I’m approaching 50 @77nick77 and I regret nothing lol. Live long and prosper!


Yeah like we entered a stage of perfectionism. But to experience is part of living

I regret some of the things I did :thinking: but I kind of understand now why I did them.

Mark Twain is responsible for about 90% of my nightmares!

He may be smart and quotable, but he caused untold trauma in less than 7 minutes to children everywhere.

Mysterious Stranger (1985)

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Also an amazing short story, I actually read that a yr ago, after getting sz. I even dreamt about time travel last night, going back in time to prevent myself ever getting sz. That is my ultimate fantasy.

How has your healing process been following surgery?

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I’m super sore,

But coming along.

Everyday is a little better,

Thanks for asking!


Do u have stitches/scars? You said something about “drainage” or something along those lines…

I had tubes to drain excess fluid, but had those removed a few days after surgery,

They were SUPER gross.


Good to hear you got through it! I hope you a quick recovery. Hang in there!

(time to stop hijacking this thread)

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It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand. – another Mark Twain gem.

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Great one!..

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