Marines in Iraq

I have been watching a marine’s film on about his wartime experiences in Iraq. It has me rethinking my own role in society (compared to his). I got a psychiatric deferment when Vietnam came along. I feel ashamed and relieved that I didn’t have to serve my country in a time of immorality and social upheaval. I was too weak minded to kill others for the sake of ideas I did not believe in myself.


One of the good guys, Martin
Glad you didn’t have to

our children shouldn’t have to fight… the minds and memories lost to war are too great to count… humes have been fighting for so long… you think we would be tired of it by now…


I have this thinking … new societies shall be built, new leaders come and go, new wars will happen, some societies shall fall agaiń to be built again … this has happened for many centuries and will happen also in the future, and somewhere in the middle of this evolution we must survive, not only for us but also for the future generations … and life goes on