Marilyn Manson! Who else likes him?

I like Manson, he seems like a good person.

I love his music, I own almost all his CD’s…well mp3 format anyway. Like you said he takes the dark/creepy/gothic things in society and puts back into societies faces.

I loved him when I was 12 and still like him. I actually first saw him when I was 12, at a small club in Minneapolis. It’s when smells like children just came out. I was the littlest kid there.

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He aiight.

Mephistopheles, met him. It was scary, fairly painful as well.

I love MM. I don’t think he’s lost it , some others might think that but his last album kicks ass.

I have a personal mix of beliefs mostly centered around Christianity but I still enjoy listneing to Manson and don’t find any contradictions in that. It’s art. I’m not shutting my ears off from somebody’s music. that’s fear pretending to be holiness.


He’s a great cover artist and original artist too. That said don’t listen to him too much.
I liked the episode of californication he was in.

I love marilyn manson and I just listened to him in my car while driving to get sushi. I have like five of his albums on my tablet to listen to while I walk.

I really like Angel with the Scabbed Wings and Pistol Whipped (they’re on different albums). Also like his new The Mestopheles of Los Angeles.

Listened to him since the 90’s and I’m still a big fan! Never got to see him in concert, though.

i was listening to that the other day… first like minute is just some industrial sound but it gets good!

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