I been smoking weed for 1 week shy of a month and I decided to give it up. I wonder how longs it gonna take now to feel really on track with just taking medications

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I think certain medications take longer to work than others. Ask your doctor how long he thinks your medication will take to work.

Weed is really bad for schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is mainly caused by having too much dopamine in your brain. Weed floods your head with dopamine and your meds won’t be able to work. You will do better without it. I quit a couple years ago and now I am doing a lot better.


I recommend you read up on the issue of marijuana and schizophrenia here:

Medications generally start becoming active within a couple of weeks - but I’ve seen statistics that it can take a month to 2 months to become fully active and “bioavailable” in your system.

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My son smokes weed. It’s hard to say. He has obvious residual affects for 24-48 hours but he seems to recover fairly quickly after that while taking his meds properly.

Good for you on stopping. A big step in the right direction.

Weed makes schizophrenia worse. It made me see myself falling off a skyscraper & I was scratching my skin constantly because it felt like spiders were crawling on me & losing my breath after the first few times - Not sure why… Might’ve been anxiety. If I go without my meds for a month or two my problems pop back up & get worse & worse.It usually take a few weeks or a month for most meds to start working.

Good for you. Your meds should be able to work better now. Give it time.