Marijuana May Hurt The Developing Teen Brain


Are there a lot of teens on this site? Alcohol is just as dangerous to the developing brain. And both are bad for a mind that is not stable.

Does this mean we should continue to imprison 40 year-old people and a disproportionate amount of African Americans for marijuana? I do not think so.

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All recreational drugs and alcohol are bad…I think we all know that from experience LOL

one hit off a weed pipe, panic attack, psychotic episode, dont sleep all night

get hammered, act stupid, have a horrible hangover

good thing i’ve stayed away from hard drugs

This is a nice article and all, but the thing is kids also want to fit in and in this society if a kid DOESN’T do drugs they are considered odd and freakish.

Teen’s get pressured from pop culture, friends and I’ve come to find Even TEACHERS will give a kid a hard time about NOT doing drugs. Legislators are working on legalizing it every where.

It would be wonderful if we could just tell kids no. But culture, news, educators and even family will tell a kid yes.

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Is this forum dead? Im a teen and kinda got some questions about this concerning developing symptoms and weed induced psychosis

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