Marijuana and Schizophrenia

I am not sure if this is the place to post this but I have had unusual experiences while smoking marijuana. I have considered these paranormal experiences but I leave open the possibility that they could be Schizophrenic experiences related to marijuana usage. I read somewhere that certain people function normally when straight but when they smoke marijuana it can reveal Schizophrenic symptoms that were there all along but hidden. Does that make sense? I have had many strange experiences on marijuana and I really do not know these experiences are related to Schizophrenia but I am curious about it. One type of experience involves me hearing clicks or sounds around the room I am in. For example, I have a printer on my desk and I have heard clicks coming from it and clicks around the room. I cannot tell if these are naturally occurring sounds (i.e. just sounds that are normal but I experience as abnormal) or if they are actually auditory hallucinations created in my mind. I have noticed a pattern to them, and it has occurred to me that something is trying to get my attention and its using these clicks or small sounds to communicate. I have noticed a pattern with them and where there can be clicks at the same time in different parts of the room. Its very freaky when it happens and it scares me. I don’t have this happen when I am not on marijuana. This only happens when I am high. Am I the only one to experience something like this? I am just curious to know if anyone else has gone through something like this. I have other interesting experiences to share but I will start with this one.


It boils down to function. Weed is usually pretty toxic to the psychotic as most around here are. Also. Most of us hit the mental health system hard and insight is rare…

So. Here’s the thing. STop smoking the weed and see how you go! If your worried about sz then your worried about some serious stuff because sz is cruel and it takes no prisoners.


I stay away from cannabis - it makes my positive symptoms go haywire.


I have not smoked weed in a long time. I have been afraid to smoke it because it has caused Psychosis in me in the past. These experiences I am relating happened when I was smoking marijuana. I have never understood the experiences and I really do want to understand what I experienced. I just want to understand. When I am not smoking marijuana I am not Psychotic at all. It just seems that the Psychotic symptoms start happening after I smoke enough marijuana. Regarding the clicks, I described in the last post, I remember one night when I was laying in bed and these clicks were literally happening all over the room all around me. On the ceiling. On the walls, Everywhere around me. I was totally freaked out by that experience. But it seemed completely real to me. If you want to tell me that I was hearing auditory hallucinations in my own head then I tell you that I literally cannot distinguish between real sounds outside of myself and sounds inside my head. How can anyone distinguish that? Its like I entered into an altered state of reality when I smoked enough marijuana and things happened in that state that do not happen in my straight state, and I cannot tell if its real or in my mind. Does that make sense?

Others will respond. Lot’s of people can’t handle weed. That is on record and there’s still some here who use regularly. It’s one of those things. I used to smoke a lot of weed and it helped me get over a depressive break years ago…didn’t save me from psychosis…

It’s unusual to get sz later but not unheard of. Plenty of people here who can attest. As I said previously about function. If your holding down a job, relationship, social life it’s probably not an issue but if your having problems then there’s something there to investigate…

Weed issues with most of the community here are pretty common. As I say most of us have been there…

I am not familiar with what you mean by positive symptoms. Can you explain? And what are negative symptoms then?

Positive symptoms are those you experience that shouldn’t be there but are. paranoia etc.

Negative symtpoms are those present but should be…things like apathy, etc.

Marijuana exacerbates psychosis


I smoke CBD but stay FAR away from THC…


You could be allergic to the plant. Its not for everyone. If your having psychotic experiences from the plant then you should stay away. Schizophrenia is not something to play around with.

i think it sounds like your prone to getting schiz if you keep smoking weed. You might get shiz and when you stop smoking weed and still hear the voices. I think marijuana can cause some people to get schiz, depends on the person. Does the same thing happen if you are around people and smoke weed, or only when your by yourself smoking, it could make a difference if your just by yourself…

Worst advice I ever heard was “smoke pot and don’t take meds” and that was from a book I read…on Mk-ultra and how to counter the mind control. I obviously won’t take that advice and I will be taking meds and avoiding pot for life and I think that there is some bad advice out there because we need some sort of control or rigid thinking. Everyone’s under some mind control and I think it’s in our dna/from God and that it kind of keeps us healthy and on the right path. Just my thoughts…

Pot got me disabled. Then the trauma and remembering the trauma from various past lives or stuff I forgot about.


How Is That Even Possible?.

I Mean, Yea You Can Have A Slightly Troubling Trip.

But!, After Passing Out, You Wake Up Reborn.



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It could have been laced or too much and I had a psychotic break. I don’t know. I have a lot of theories. I’m over it really. No grudges.

But I think I lived in a bad environment and that there was a story behind it.

I often think I’m in a causal loop (I’m no expert) and never figured it out – like how it works and stuff. I remember soul transfer and time travel and stuff and alien abductions and experiments and ‘hard/tough lessons’.

I was driven insane pretty much…

The dissociation and sensory abnormalities were way worse than the thought disorder in my opinion. I kept obsessing about the matrix and unreality and stuff and it drove me mad.


I Suppose Arts & Entertainment Can Lead Some People Astray.

But!, If Someone Jus Unplug’s For Even One Hour. And Tries To Make A Casual Connection With Nature. All Of That Fun Stuff Will Slowly Vaporize. And If You Feel like Giving It Another Shot And Explore Within The Creative Mind’s Of Professionals Then Do So.

Marijuana Is A Safe Drug.

I Don’t Use It Personally. I Have To Stay Sharp In Order To Create Myself.

But!, To Become Disabled Over Harmless Nature Gifts Seems Implausible.

I Dunno, Not Trying To Judge. Jus Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Me.

Almost Like, People That Come From Your Side Of The Tracks Is Why I Have To Explain To My Doctor Why I Still Drink Soda. . . . . . .


Marihuana is a recreational drug for boredom same as alcohol. I am happy i don’t have access to heavier drugs. Alcohol, weed and tabbaco do me fine. It seems i am getting immune to these things, sadly i can’t effort heavier drugs like cocaine, heroin or even methamphetamines. The simplest way would be coming of the psychomedicines and i wouldn’t be bored anymore. Thinking sometimes i should have joined the army and being a soldier. My orders would have been clear. The only i order i got is not to euthanize myself.

I never smoke weed around others. I only smoke it by myself, and the reason I tell myself I do that is because weed makes me lose my carefully controlled false face (or mask) that I show the world and my true self comes out and I cannot hide it. I do not want to show my true self because I believe I will not be accepted by others socially if I do. So I wear this mask in public and in private I let my true self come out. I am sure I am not the only one to do that.

A reminder. Weed is still illegal in some parts of this world and thus mine.

We moderate on things like alcohol like weed but it’s still a grey area for a lot of people and it’s a conversation we need to be having for sure as we move forward with things.

I’m no expert but encouraging weed isn’t good in a company of psychotics. It really is like booze in my mind.

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