Marijuana and APs

Any experiences, good or bad?

A toxic combination for me in the past. No longer a problem since I quit all drugs and alcohol years ago.

If the herb is organic and has none of the harmful chemicals in it will be ok.

I smoke and have beer every day. I smoke weed every day pretty much that’s right and I’m used to doing that because I started the habit a long time ago.

Take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it a bit. Start with a very, very small pipe if you smoke my herbs-it’s medicinal grade flower.

I want you to know that a one hitter is where you start because with the feelings of goodness may come more hallucinations progressing from use or non use. I pretty much figured (they’ll bother me either way so I’m smokin’". It’s a pain to look at it that way so I usually don’t, but as a diagnosee I have a six pack with my pot every day-I have everything to negate any extra ordinary panic attacks or problems.

VA is doing better-but they need more work every day and they’ll get the money if I have a say.