Margot Robbie gives so much pleasure to the world

Is anybody else on the Margot robbie pleasure ride. I just wanted to post something. I used to love her she was my woman. It’s all over now though. Any body have any news or comments on her. Is she still like the biggest actress in the world? She was for a while. Who’s bigger than Margot robbie right now?

It’s been a rough day

I just don’t watch the movies I used to watch pre sz. These days I’ll see like four or five a year and I don’t really have favourite actors. I tend to watch more tv shows and series rather than movies…I do know of them though. Just haven’t seen their movies.

I haven’t been able to watch a movie at all since my relapse. I tried to go see the Batman. And couple other movies. Like two others. My mind is just scrambled. I don’t watch t v either. But back before my relapse. Margot robbie gave me a lot of pleasure. Even during my relapse. Lol

Yeah it’s hard. I’d suggest watching things you liked pre-illness. If it gives you pleasure it’s well worth it. The hard thing is making time and doing it…negatives can really bite and positives can make it painfull. Enjoy your films. It’s important to do what you like even if you have to really force yourself!

You really don’t know who Margot robbie is?

I know of her. I just haven’t watched her in a movie. I saw a little bit of Suicide Squad. As I said. I do know of her. Just don’t know her work.

In psychosis. I had an imaginary wife. A delusional wife. She was actually a CIA agent and she looked like Margot robbie. I was in love in my psychosis. I was gonna marry her. She was young and blonde.

I was in psychosis for a long time

Erotomania is tough. I had a similar thing when I went psychotic. I was fixated with a lady at my work. Didn’t know them or anything but I slid into that psychosis and had lots of strange ideas in my head. Getting on meds was a good thing for me. I got to move on and have real relationships with women.

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Erotomania. I’m gonna have to google that. Psychosis was very erotic for me. Until they gave me my first injection of invega. Now it’s all over Too bad for me. I’m losing hope of ever being with another woman. Oh well

Sorry for reducing the coversation to sex drive problems

It’s been a rough day

See ya rogue one. I like starwars my friend and I talk about starwars a lot. Peace

I had to Google her. Not my type.

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