March was a weird month for me

lost my gov income to start the month off(I seem to be ok without it for now), a few days later I watched the new Zealand massacre(I thought it was a movie and not real, tried to say it was a movie after the fact) I felt disconnected for days after watching it (not quite there) Eventually became normal again

April is also kind of weird cause of sri lanka attacks. Not as weird tho, cause I didn’t see a video of it first hand

hopefully my awareness canhelp prevent things like this from happening

You watched the actual social media footage of the NZ attack? That must have been rough. I try not to watch things like that anymore. I did watch a beheading before and it made me feel sick.

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Some guy showed me a beheading video when I was 14 in highschool, it probably scarred me a bit.

I wouldn’t be surprised. It was pretty horrifying to watch. I don’t know what’s wrong with some people. If you are not harming anyone you should be left alone.

As far as I know, watching the NZ attack or even reading his manifesto is illegal where I live with the threat of jail time. I am sure they are enforcing that in NZ but I am not 100% about aus.

I don’t watch social news and when things like that on the TV I turn it off or mute it and do something else. I git very severe guilt like I caused these situations to happen.

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