'March to the beat of your own drum'


Ive been growing my hair out like a wildman hehe. Reliving my teenage youth :grin::grin:


That’s amazing! She looks so happy and healthy.

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She really does :blush:

Hollywood fame puts an unreasonable amount of strain on artists’ mental health. Standards for beauty and fashion are so high. I commend Cameron for choosing to walk away from all that craze.

(although I’ll always remember her performance in “The Mask”, she was a stunner)

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“once a Hollywood ‘it’ girl”.


I understand she quit acting,

But staying out of the limelight?

I don’t think so.

She clearly wants attention for this if she’s interviewing about it.


I feel like Cameron Diaz isn’t very inspirational with her “ditched societal beauty standards”.

She’s obviously had some work done.

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this isn’t what I thought it would be when I clicked on it.
on a totally different note,
my dad has always said, Do your own thing.

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I always did my own thing but I’m lost now.

Went to the hospital and got slammed by the court and now I just feel inadequate and there’s no reason for that. Different is always good.


yeah, makes no sense, I’m a lost soul who’s already found redemption.
it’s never been lifelong for me.

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