March Mvdness

Yesterday I attended outpatient at the wymon Gordon pavilion for psy . From 8 to 1 pm plusit was my first day. I will have to do that for a couple weeks. I went to Soe house to have a session. His sister was there and his sister’s female friend. Gotti got up with us too. I didn’t get over there until 1:30 pm and I had to leave at 2:40 to catch the bus for my drug and alcohol evaluation. I had to catch it because I had court ( in three hours) the next day. So I did some last minute planning but now I’m in two outpatient programs. I got my drug and alcohol evaluation and they said the second outpatient will last 8 weeks. So yea. Sorry if I’m not making sense.
Here’s yesterday’s dairo entry below

Thursday March 24th 2016(24 hours before court) 8:06 am at- wymon Gordon. I’ll be here for four hours that’s 240 minutes .
8:18 am speaking of minutes,my government tracking device(cell phone/ safe link) is on its waaay. :relieved:
6:44 pm I went to the council barely made the bus. I’m at the center right now. I’m just waiting

Good luck in court, @haete. Hope the outpatient programs do you some good :sun_with_face:

(also, happy late birthday :fireworks:)


:blue_heart: thank you thank ya​:relieved: