Map ( united kingdom)

Just had my injection and a nurse asked whether I wanted to attend a MAP group. Beyond knowing it’s for bipolar/schizophrenia/psychosis I know nothing about it and have no idea what MAP is an acronym for . I mentioned I wasn’t dxed with bipolar or schizophrenia but paranoid personality disorder and was told it would still be ok.
I am not sure whether it’s just local to my mental health trust and am wondering whether anyone has any info on it(a link would be good). Tried googling MAP schizophrenia bipolar and couldn’t find anything remotely relevant in the vast array of hits.
Would like to know what it’s all about before committing myself.

never heard of it firemonkey so can’t be of any help i’m afraid. xxx

After a lot of looking around found this


Seems to be a partnership between my trust and Janssen and not a nationwide thing.

The thing is although my notes mention non compliance as a historic risk factor, in the 5 years on depot I’ve only been late twice which is better than the 40-50% of remembering to take oral meds.
Also as I’m in the chronic stage of my illness an acute relapse necessitating admission is very unlikely.

Then there is the point that shouldn’t something being tested for bipolar/schizophrenia/schizoaffective only involve service users with those diagnoses?

It’s a group and socializing. Maybe don’t worry about if you should be there and just be there, since you were invited to go. See how it goes. You might like it.


Yes, I agree with Barb. Accept every invitation. It could be great - like a clubhouse.


**I would definitely go—there might be food! :blush: **

This could be the opportunity for socialization you were looking for. I wish they had something like that around here.

It’s not a clubhouse/socialisation type group. It’s a psycho-education group focussed on treatment adherence. I am not sure there will be much time for socialising if I go.
I did some questionnaire and scored 35/70 which the nurse said suggested I was doing reasonably well but, as I told him, how I feel can fluctuate. For a group for bipolar/schizophrenia the questions came over as quite generalised.

A part of me is curious to paranoid as to why they are inviting me on a group for bipolar/schizophrenia/schizoaffective , and thinking has the pdoc kept things back from me.

Take it as a medium to socialise with others. There is not use of worrying about things which are beyond your control. Whether your doctor has withheld any information from you or not, there is not point in worrying unless it is effecting you. Think of it in a positive way like If you pdoc hasn’t told you, it must not be of that importance.

Cheers and stay in touch. I wish you have a good time with the people.

I looked at another item on it and it mentioned several times the need to reduce use of NHS resources in the current economic climate. This kind of put me off as it suggested economic aims were driving the program as much as or maybe even more than actual concern for welfare of the patient/service user.