Many ways to use up old newspapers

has anyone found a new way to use old newspapersI often use them for painting on carsand putting in the bottom of the litter pansurely there must be a new way to use them today

I think they can be used to wash windows.


they are the best things to use to clean windows

Perhaps you could make paper mache sculptures out of them? I know you can use them to wash windows too…for sure…

My friends and I had a bet to make a newspaper dress. We all made one. When we wore them out, we got caught in the rain, ick. What a inky mess.

People still read newspapers?

Roll a bunch tightly, tie a string around them up, and use them as “kindling” to start a fire in your fireplace. Mix them with soil and garbage to make mulch. When you are packing your dishes and drinking glasses to move to a new home, wrap several sheets of newspaper around each of them to prevent them from breaking when you put them in cardboard boxes. When you are changing the oil in your car, lay a bunch of newspapers under the oil pan to catch drips so they don’t stain the concrete below them. We used to wrap birthday and Christmas presents in newspaper when we couldn’t afford wrapping paper from the store.The Sunday comics section was the best part to wrap gifts in.


In some places you can recycle paper.


I use newspaper for the bottom of my budgie’s cage :smile:
I will also need to use it for wrapping crockery in when I move house in two months’ time!

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