Many mental illness's out ter?

d dms keep makin new mental illness’s eac year i read


Who is making new mental illnesses?

Yes, but they doesn’t qualify for a disability pension as they should.

pdoc’s tat add tem 2 d DMS

sum make it and some don’t

When you replace the " I" in illness with “We” illness becomes wellness.


i read tat b4 it make sense in recoverery

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It would help if you proof read before posting.

its true read it on d internet 4 proof


So I guess the lizard people are real then. I mean, they’re on the Internet.



Also dolphins are taking over the world I read that on the internet too :joy:


i ever tell you about Jimmy Missle?, he comes around sometimes.

feel like im in the cemetery talking like that lol!

I am defeating the dolphins, one can of tuna at a time.

Take that, Flipper!


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Also bats are biting people and turning them into giant saltine crackers.

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