Manufactured schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is making incorrect information in government

I’m unsure what you mean by this. That the government is stating incorrect information in regards to sz?

Government has incorrect information and is unaware of it and schizophrenia makes that incorrect information

Schizophrenia has knowledge and is functioning

Nothing you can do about it. Party hardy, rock and roll, fall over and go to sleep. All will be there tomorrow.

Others rant about corruption but things are so bad in reality, country is running on funny money & no business needs to do anything with US workforce as India can even handle English speaking customer service & anything internet. You just cannot worry about it…Let it go if you have roof over head, food, sleep … Meds can help you sleep, seroquel 50mg-300 mg is nice at bedtime if you have trouble sleeping and your psych meds haven’t given you results yet. You need to cut this into pieces. You get back everything else by understanding some people don’t act right & mental care cannot discuss this with you, calling it delusional. As long as you don’t EVER get angry with the psych staff, you will be okay. It is better to avoid some of the people who don’t act right, they undo friends and are huge mistake as coworker.

Look up gang stalking, cause stalking, thought broadcasting on google if you want to see how some people act. Politicians are just using this for their own sicko problems or profiteering, rest is sham & smoke and mirrors, except for the legal system used only on the poor people. You can bet your arse you would get locked up forever or fried on old sparky for what some of these politicians/govt/wealthy people do to people…Don’t even gamble with your own security & leave the wealthy people & illegal stuff alone…Some who tried drugs when crazier, so just don’t as you end up being hunted down until you are a drug dealer.

I just unplugged myself from national/int’l news and do not really even bother to vote, all is lies and totally no way to verify any claims or ads…Don’t waste your time. Entertain yourself with something okay or thing about working a little. Talk to case worker so working won’t hurt your health insurance or disability check…

Still perkin. Thank you for being here. I love all of your posts. Can we connect in PM or offline?

Schizophrenia is making story

There is no order of reality when schizophrenia makes story

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There is no order of time when schizophrenia makes story

Amen to that. 15 15

I am diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia makes secret incorrect information in government. That (secret incorrect information in government) is me too?

Are you on any medications zela?

Schizophrenia is making story the way government does not know for it.

Schizophrenia is making story of incorrect information the way government does not know for it

Schizophrenia is making story of incorrect information in government the way government with incorrect information does not know for it.

If possible zela, you might wanna call your pdoc and chat. It sounds like you’re having a pretty rough time :frowning:

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Schizophrenia effects.

Schizophrenia agressess

I support what zela is saying fully and I am on the medication. It aint no cure. We all know psychiatrists give no debate or argumentation. All they do is prescribe medication. If he wants a real discussion, he is better off doing it here than at a psychiatrist office.

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That’s clearly disorganized speech and delusional thinking. He appears to be having a psychotic episode.

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