Manipulating the forum narrative

Manipulating or changing the forum narrative, for a short period, means that a user writes a post which is know to get traffic and replies.

Other users will have they’re own ideas about the topic discussed and they will start theyre own new topics inspiring others to do so and so on. This creates a trend

Why does this happend?
Its very simple, because there are active users who browse all day and because of this mental illness. The mental illness makes people more vulnerable,which means they are more prone to cooperance which will create users here more prone to take other perspectives over they’re own.

Most things here are bening, but a example of this would be when people discuss sides effects, most of us start to wonder if we also have them even if before we didn’t thought so.

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Is what are you saying people make sh… threads, just to draw attention?

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Intriguing, but aren’t you assuming the forum has a default mode/narrative?

I think for a lot of us, it’s simply the human contact that we need. Not every thread is serious, but I wouldn’t want it to be


The power of suggestion? You think we all verbally agree on what negatives we’re gonna have and boom! we have them? No. We all (not all, but very many) actually have them. There’s no power of suggestion here.


I think it’s natural in a forum about a medical condition.

Some people don’t know that what they’re experiencing is s symptom with a name. When people are made aware of this, they usually pay more attention to said symptom and become more aware.
This naturally leads to more questions arising.

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