Manifest show

I’m about to watch it at 8 so 35mins. Stoked!

The show about the plane that time travels or whatever?

My husband and I watched the pilot and agreed never to watch it again.

Glad you enjoy it,

Seems lots of people do.

Seems like it’s boring you’re right.

It’s supposed to be like Lost.

The acting is terrible.

I think you ruined it for me @goldenrex :joy:

Don’t let me ruin it for you.

I hate all new shows.

Clearly a lot of people like it because I believe it has more than one season.


Thank you @Enlightenedbeing and @goldenrex you both just saved me the agony from watching it. It looks good on the previews but it sounds like it’s slow moving.


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The acting is really bad,

So is the premise.

It’s like a watered down “Lost” like he mentioned in a previous comment.

I wouldn’t waste my time.

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Thanks guys for the reviews… I was thinking of checking it out…

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I decided to give it another try. It’s actually really good.

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