Manic god complex

I’m better than everyone I can’t help being so fawking amazing.
I beat schizophrenia and made it my beeyatch
My alters don’t come out unless given permission I’m literally the epitomy of how to be a successful mentally ill freak and I going to show all nuerotypicals that the way to success is in your palms and the righteous path we take I’m gonna make sure you all know my name I’m going to make you all understand just how goddamn driven I am and my name is
I don’t care who saw me, I’m out in the streets and you pathfinders need to exile out of my land
Earth mother is crying and bleeding her wrists out for no reason and we’re all to blame I want to destroy the establishment I’m going to be the matyr and the leader
Hello schizos
Your leader has come back and you shall all now before me
I am you, you are me, we are each other connected in the human spirit network
If you’re disconnected then find a way to get in time and tune with the galaxies cosmic milk someone got shot down the street the other day and the crackhead bitc h loving downstairs almost burned the ■■■■■■■ apartment building down
No son
No sob story here
Get off my neopets account and take responsibility for you actions for once

Eh…whatever you say Moose man.

You misinterpreted the meaning of this excursion next time you get pulled over remember to ask for their lisence and registration or else they’re a phony looking to murder you

Eh…You want me to ask the police for their license and registration when they pull me over? Seems backwards somehow…

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They’re looking for cocaine because they don’t want to buy it themselves it’s why they threaten to call the dogs if you don’t let them search your car

Uh, maybe later. I’m behind schedule with ankle biting today.

No worries, I don’t keep cocaine in my car. By your frantic posting, I might suspect otherwise of your car though :rofl:.


Like a chained coyote yearning for escape
So does the best laid plans of mice and men often fail

I don’t like mice that make plans.

Harder to catch and crunch.


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Never thought of mice as excellent planners myself.

The last woman who rawrd at me was my internet girlfriend she killed herself and I miss her dearly

They hide due to their timid nature.
Kangaroo mice can kill a rattlesnake in dire situations

Very sad to hear that.


Don’t be sad, it’s what she wanted apparently.
I’m not mad at her.
Take this as a compliment thanks for reminding me of good years in my teenage angst

I hope I didn’t make you deoressed

IDK. You don’t really sound like you’re better than me.

You’re just jealous that I went to target and told them to hire me and thrn they told me about your diesel fueled space car imitating michael jackson’s thriller on the car horn but what do I know right

@ZanyNotStoopid , you’re totally crazy rn dude. Manic city maybe?

You called me crazy and I’m not too keen on being ridiculed for having a personality I built manic city from the ground up, not only am I the mayor but Im the self appointed prez-o-dent
If you don’t get out of my city limits within the next 30 days I will be forced to send the jehovah’s witnesses after you