Mania inspires creativity


It seems like I have to be in a good mood or even manic to want to play music. If I’m depressed, forget it. It’s been a long time since I’ve leaned something new on the piano. It seems like it’s the bi-polar types who become musicians.



My manic episodes have been some of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. I went hiking through this big ass forest, another time i broke a lamp and threw a table, but it FELT really good. It was like a high I’ve never experienced. You still go manic even with medication?



I was going manic on my meds because I was taking an antidepressant and the tegratol, although it helps a lot, was just not enough. I was acting pretty crazy before I stopped it, but it all made since at the time of course.



So the antidepressants triggered your mania



Yes, the antidepressants make me overshoot normal and go right to mania. Now I’m just letting the depression go for now because I don’t want to keep doing crazy stupid crap. It would probably take depakote to stop the mania from an antidepressant, although I’ve been thinking about asking my doc to go back on lithium to see if that helps.



Do you take anything for schizophrenia or are you just bipolar?



I have schizoaffective disorder and I take Saphris sometimes for it. The combination of saphris and tegratol helps me out a lot, but there is room for improvement.



Sometimes! lol Schizophrenia is a pretty serious illness, your supposed to take it every day.



Yeah, I know. I just hate the way it makes me eat so much. I was always a little non-compliant with my meds that way. What do you take for the sz?



I’m taking Abilify and I hate it, I wish that was the most of my concerns. But I have extreme ahnedonia, can’t enjoy anything, can’t feel anything, no emotions, it’s the worst feeling in the world. How often do you take saphris?



I take the saphris a few times a week probably, I honestly don’t keep track of it too well. But Abilify, yep, I tried that for three days. That was a hell I’ll never forget. It gave me real bad akathesia. My doctor gave me Cogentin for it and it didn’t help at all. Sorry about the anhedonia, I have that problem too.



drewleo - It’s strange but I was experiencing the same as you at one point in my life. I was on a strong antidepressant and taking tegretol at the time. I was still manic and so psychotic. Years later I am now weaning off tegretol xr and will be on depakote er only, with risperdal and a benzo.

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