Mania ||||| filler

It’s weird, I’m not bipolar, but I feel myself getting manic. I actually did some work for once and I don’t feel tired although it’s 12:02. I feel like this is a good thing but I don’t want to crash :frowning:

Maybe I’m just self-diagnosing. Haven’t done any of my online class in a very long time though.

hey man doing housework or whatever has tendency to make me wake up and feel good.

when the crash sets in don’t fight it. Allow yourself to get some rest.

Manic states don’t just effect those who are bipolar… I mean bipolar is more like mood instability and sensitivity… rapid cycle style. Those folk are fun to deal with.

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Ah okay. I kinda like it though, but I have a headache and I’m tried haha. It was just a spurt of motivation.

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