Mania causes

Anyone knows the causes of mania? Like the physiology if it, neurotransmitters etc I couldn’t find solid info online, I read Lithium treats it but its pharmacology and mechanism of action are unknown. I also read that too much dopamine can cause mania so it can be substance induced by stimulants. I believe I had Abilify induced mania.

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Here they say this can cause mania:

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Substance/Medication-Induced Bipolar and Related Disorder is diagnosed when a substance (alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescribed medication) causes manic/hypomanic and/or depressive symptoms while an individual is using the substance or during a withdrawal syndrome associated with the substance

  • In phencyclidine-induced mania, individuals may present first with delirium, which then progresses to a mixed or manic state.

  • In stimulant-induced mania, the symptoms typically emerge within minutes to an hour after ingestion. The episodes are brief and usually resolves within 48 hours.

  • In medication-induced hypomania/mania, corticosteroids, and some immunosuppressant medications are the common culprits. The hypomania/mania (or mixed or depressed state) usually begins several days after ingestion, and higher doses are more likely to produce bipolar symptoms.


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