Mania and sex

When I have sex when I’m manic I look back and sometimes it feels like I was abusing my self


When I’m manic and looking for sex, I’m looking for abuse. It’s preferable. For me, it’s what I enjoy. I don’t have shame in it.

I guess I’m like that wo being manic tho. If it’s not abusive I’m not interested.

I get that I used to like abusive things happening to me to cause of my past

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I was abusing myself a lot during psychosis, and looking back, it was terrible

thats how I was introduced to BDSM it was all about processing the abuse…but now I want something more real, and its hard to find.


Real is better I would say personally like I’m in relationship now he loves me accepts my diagnosis etc you can find that !


At least you’re getting laid, try being a guy with this disorder.

Tell a woman you have schizophrenia and they generally run for the hills.

This forum is full of single guys who can’t score and full of women with partners (with some exceptions)

Yes, so true 1544444

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I swear if I wasnt on Invega, id be masturbating like 10 times a day.

I wouldn’t disregard a potential partner bc of sz, but it’d be difficult to find one who’s local who I’m also into I suppose.

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