Mandela Effect, what I think

go into it with the thought of absoluteness, per-say, when you read something that may be wrong but you remember it as being right. It is one of those things you find in the moment. When it hits me its like a rush. Anyways…what i figured out about it, the fact is if you hold off, don’t think of, those things that tie you in. its like a force around you. It’s those things that help out when your on the fence. Trying or not, you can be without this pressure. It if, when you do that, behave and read in a form without the force or pressuring sub thought. read the mandela thing for what it is, fake. You gotta be like…radiant, i’m talking pure rawness not interrupted, everything that works from outside, beyond, but becoming to the effects before hand…this, is distractions from you when you read into a particular stance, when you’ve some pressure or cloud over head, just saying, I’ve looked at a mandela object and on one hand I could see it then when I repeated it without the interrupted or busy stance, I saw it in a new light for what it is, just fake. All in all i conclude it’s and illusion.