Mandela Effect And Time Travel

Do you believe it? Do you remember it?

I remember stuff too.

I just think mandela effect is the simulation self-correcting itself and we have these memories via deja vu or our consciousness (some people call it a soul) and John Titor talked about how there’s a physical (physics) explanation on how this all works. It’s a combination of all the yous out there communicating via quantum entanglement or something. I’m not an expert at all nor do I claim to be one.

It would mean many world’s theory is right of course and then if simulation theory is right, I suspect it’s the holographic principle in string theory of black holes…thoughts? Opinions?

I remember too much stuff and too much trauma and each life I have schizophrenia trapped in a time loop after I get schizophrenia in 2011 the exact same way each time. I think it’s aliens but we don’t ‘know’ if they exist at all or anything. I think I’m a doppleganger or from another timeline, but just guessing here…

What kind of stuff DO YOU remember? It’s basically reincarnation the machinery of soul cycles of the universe.

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Since this is my thread, I guess I’ll talk about how I ‘feel’ and my theories of reincarnation/time travel.

  1. So you have a black hole that can let virtual or quantum particles or something (stuff coming or ‘evaporating’) outside of the black hole eventually.
  2. This stuff could be consciousness or anything over time and thus is out there.
  3. It could take many many years or lifetimes to have those building blocks with the same ‘you’ re-assemble in the universe.
  4. There’s that quantum superposition/entanglement thing (not sure)(don’t know QM or the difference) that allows you to communicate with yourself in another part of the universe or in another simulation based on the ‘instanteneous’ communication from (quantum physics or) ‘reincarnation’ or what not over time.
  5. No black hole paradoxes
  6. no time travel paradoxes
  7. MWT is true
  8. Sim theory is true or most likely to be true.
    9)There’s many black holes out there and many chances to repeat life like the monkey-shakespear example where a monkey over time will write the entire works of shakespear by hitting ‘random’ keys over time.

This is where my mind is going over time. Thought I would share my take on what I’m experiencing and in life.

How to 'Build a Simulation"

  1. Have a ‘standard’ black hole that can grow over time by feeding ‘matter into it’ from a lab (or time travel backwards in time splitting off the universe, making two copies lol(short-cut))
  2. Use the knowledge of Holographic Principle to understand and have immense computing power (future civilization to do)
  3. Insert information into the blackhole via quantum information to program the blackhole
  4. Have a complete understanding of a human mind
  5. Have consciousness or artificial mind
  6. Let (It from Bit) (or cellular automata) to evolve over millions or billions of years to thus create life in new universe haha.
  7. To the ‘creators’ they will be viewed as ‘gods’ and the inhabitants of the black hole/sim will think they’re real or 3d but really just 2-d information on the edge of the black hole living in a hologram without any idea until they become smart enough.
  8. sit back and watch and be an ‘evil genius’ lol (twiddles fingers excessively)

Eventually they will escape and start their own simulation and have profound philosophical questions and so forth and questioning their origin.