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Manchester United vs Sevilla is coming on




Didn’t Barcelona pull something off like that last year scoring a couple of goals in the last couple of minutes.


Yeah Barca did that against PSG


Oh yeah that’s right. I was thinking it was against Real Madrid. I remember now it was PSG.


Ready for tomorrow’s game brosky… it’s a big game Barcelona vs Chelsea


It should be a good one. I do have an appointment with my case manager tomorrow hopefully I will be back in time.


i have a french guy staying just now and i tried to put the football on for him but it wasn’t working so i put the radio on and the minute i put it on seville scored their second lol, it was pretty funny. it was also pretty funny listening to all the man u fans bitching about their team haha so i just switched it of :joy:


This is indeed one of the best seasons for the Red Devils. Congrats to Sevilla for winning the match.


This is why I can’t watch soccer…can’t stand the unmanly faking of injuries.



haha. That’s pretty funny.


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