Manchester United vs Sevilla is coming on


True. 1515151515


Hey!! Karl do you support Liverpool? I support them too.


I do support them


and im from dublin


I am from India


Im surprised…I hear Robbie keane is managing an indian team


Yeah right… he is managing Atletico De Kolkata. He is doing a pretty good job.


where you from best…up sevilla, as a Liverpool fan!!!


I’m from Colorado in the USA.


I didn’t think americans liked soccer, especially not English soccer


I’m a fan of a lot of sports. I never played it or anything. It’s fun for me to watch though.


have you got british or European roots


United have only drawn 0-0 after two legs in Europe once in their long, storied history on the continent. That happened in the first round of the 1992-93 Uefa Cup against Torpedo Moscow. They went on to lose 4-3 on penalty kicks. No changes for this second half. The visitors get the party restarted.


I got a DNA test funny enough. Spent a lot of money on it. I did it on a delusion. I have some Irish in me and British. 1% African. The other 99% is European.


what time is it where you are @rahul202


2:22 A.M… I am Hyderabad in India


its 2100 hrs here in ireland


What do you do @karl ?


u must be sleepy…or else a diehard fan


I don’t work, I just try to cope with paranoid sz