Manchester United vs Sevilla is coming on


United and Liverpool are bitter rivals though… I respect the rivalry unlike some fans who lose the plot.

Wow you are from England… that’s nice.


Yeah from England but live in Scotland now. Glasgow rangers and Celtic I think has to be the bitterest rivalry around.


@TheBest who do you want to see win this match brosky?


True thats a very hostile rivalry they have but Celtic have got the upperhand now…


It really doesn’t matter to me. I just love sports and hundreds of millions of people might be watching this. I’m happy to be apart of it in the slightest way.


That’s a great way of looking at things brosky… I like your perspective.

Although I must say … I want Sevilla to win this one. :sweat_smile:


Sevilla’s fans are giving it plenty, though their team haven’t got going yet.


Is De Gea the best goalkeeper in the world?


On current form he is. Manuel Neur was the best gk till now though.


That was a decent effort that could have flashed past de Gea were it on target.


I like Sevilla’s passing.


La Liga teams pass well they have it in their DNA


Sevilla are getting used to taking potshots at the United goal now.


I really can’t tell who the best player on the pitch is. They all look like they are really skilled.


The best player on the pitch is Alexis Sanchez without a doubt but his form has been average recently.


So close nice pass by Sanchez to Fellani


Man U is kicking the crap out of Sevilla literally


I think Sev have done well so far


Seems to be anyone’s game to me.


Up Liverpool!!!