Manchester United vs Sevilla is coming on


You ready @rahul202


Yo brosky… I am ready? … who do you think will go through? Aggregate is 0-0.


I bet Manchester United will win probably because I don’t know much about Sevilla.


Getting excited about the match!


Sevilla won the Europa league in 3 consecutive seasons brosky… they are a good team but their league form has been not so good. Manchester United are strong but I think Sevilla can win this one.


Is Liverpool moving on to the next round?


Liverpool are already in the quarter finals we beat Porto 5-0 on aggregate.


When do we find out who they will play in the next round?


On 16th march …


Oh that will be a big day. Best of the best. I like this tournament.


Yeah… Real Madrid Liverpool Manchester City and Juventus have qualified so far… 4 more places remain


What would you do if Liverpool won the tournament?


I would come to the US and give you a party… hahaha… that’s be fun. I’d give all my friends a party.


I really rate Liverpool this season.


Do you think they have a good chance of winning? Or do all the teams in the quarterfinals have an equal shot?


We have been doing fine because of our attack this season… but Coutinho going to Barca has weakened us a bit.


I think the usual suspects are Barca and Real Madrid others all are dark horses.


I have really been impressed by mo salah. I really hope he stays next season.


True… he has been fantastic this season … even I hope he stays… but Real Madrid are showing interest in him so I don’t know.

Which team do you like btw?


Man U. I was born in a town midway between Manchester and Liverpool.