"Managing my own meds"

Made an agreement to go off the injections and on to managing my own medication with my psychiatrists lol am I going to take the meds? No am I going to handle the massive side effects any more? No. if every thing goes well they will take me off of the act which gives them total control but soon it will all be back in my hands haha hahaha haha haha hahahaha! !!!


Well, hopefully your pdoc wises up and keeps you on the injections. :unamused:


Like they work lol massive weight gain major skin problems chest and back pains intense headaches nausea it hasn’t helped with voices tactile hallucinations etc it’s ■■■■■■ up my body so no more I gave these drugs years to work and what do I get? Much poorer health I only hope I can get rid of these man boobs lol

I’m gonna become a health freak yo

My first drug gave me bad nausea and weight gain too. Try a different one before choosing to go off of them. There is a much larger variety of oral meds, and they tend to have less side effects. On Geodon, I have lost all my previous weight gain, my libido is intact, I don’t get nauseous, and best of all, it takes away the migraines I have suffered from since I was eight years old!

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I’m done with all drugs they arnt going to see me again

I’ve tried a few no more

I told my support worker that I no longer wanted to take the meds and didn’t want to be on the act told my father also and he wanted me to stay on the act but manage my own meds we went and saw the p doc and he had some concerns but eventually let me manage my own condition if I prove to be responsible then I will come off of the act so I’ve given up all illegal drugs conflict and other illegal offenses I stay out of trouble which I plan too nothing bad will happen I will most likely have to stI’ll suffer from schizophrenia but not the side effects which are also really bad. My health will improve and life will be better. My support worker was happy.

Try different meds. As @ninjastar said, there’s a huge variety of oral meds, you’re bound to find one that suits you. Don’t think that all meds are the same.

If there are any good ones I could sell them on the black market. E use to treat mental issues and is now used as a party pill think of the money I could make my friend is keen to try a few I will experiment on him.

Don’t you want to be better?

I can’t help but face the reality that we are dealing with spiritual issues.

For what it’s worth, I have unusual beliefs in that regard too. But I also have a brain disease. I take meds for the brain disease part of my problems.

I’m sorry that your experience with meds has been negative so far. It doesn’t have to be like that though.

The drugs are based on a hypothetical understanding of something these people know very little of I don’t want the damage these meds cause to the organs and brain when they are used long term so I’m going to battle this without the serious side effects.

Hello im experiencing hallucinations myself I really need someone to talk to about this

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