Managed to watch a full episode of a TV show today

Watched the pilot of sons of anarchy today. This is a big thing for me. Have a real problem with concentrating on TV.


good going @Jimbob - :smiley:

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I struggle to watch episodes on TV. I like southpark, futurama and simpsons but since medication i rarely watch them and when i do it takes effort. I’m in the UK and on Depixol too.


Do you mind if I ask how often you get your depot? I get mine every 2 weeks but I find it seems to run out after around 12 days

I get mine every 2 weeks at 40mg. I don’t get symptomatic a few days before the next like you. My head does screw up abit the next day if i drink too much but thats more depression and stress from the drinking so i try to stick to 4 pints max. I never use to have problems with drinking its only recently its started happening but my depression and hopelessness has got worse after 6 years on meds and a few episodes.

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Congratulations on getting some of the concentration back.

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I’m forcing myself to watch as many x-files episodes as I can. It’s kinda sadistic really :smiley:

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