Managed to have a nightmare during a commercial break

Passed out for maybe 5 minutes and I was running a chain link fence covered in grass between my fingers

I can’t get any sleep

I had this, too. Sucks hard. I had an amazing boyfriend at the time who was so patient with me, otherwise I don’t know how I would have gotten through it.

It did pass after a month or so, but it felt like it never would. I just stayed awake until I collapsed, then woke up screaming or crying shortly thereafter.

I hope you get through it soon. So sorry you’re going through it, Elvis.

I broke down and had some caffeine today. It was too much not too. My mood and sleep has been awful

Feel like ■■■■

Have you asked your doctor/therapist about it? It’s not going to make things easier for you if it keeps up. Ask about imagery rehearsal therapy, it may help?

No, they just started happening again. I have an appointment tomorrow

Good luck. It sucks.