Man this moral straight jacket

just watching news right now. i just feel like im wrapped in a moral straight jacket. i must do right, now because i want to, but because i’ll get in trouble if i don’t. is it getting ridiculous or what?

i make mistakes sometimes, im not perfect. every mistake i think about and worry it will come back to haunt me. i don’t mess up anymore, purely for self preservation. hopefully this storm will be over soon.

It seems crazy to me. Completely crazy when I watch USA news.

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i sure as hell dont feel free here. i can’t relax. it’s not like i want to be bad either, but it’s ridiculous. it’s no place for a free spirit.

it’s nuts, im terrified of these lawmakers.

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Which news are you watching @Lifer?

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o i don’t want to get into it, i turned it off, it was triggering. i didn’t have the sound on, just watching their faces and interactions.


I’m glad you turned it off. News can cause a lot of stress

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USA imports culture to the rest of the world aswell… You guys are the role model.

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