Man, smoking really saps me of my strength

I’m down to about 3 cigarettes a day and I’m really noticing the “hit” one gets from them. I smoke more than 3 times a day because I only take a few puffs and then put it out and save it. I gotta get it off my mind.


I’m down to 1 every 2 hour and obviously with nicotine chewing gum and I get that hit too.

I’m also down to three a day. It used to be a pack a day.

I have a plan to cut down to two… I’ll smoke half with breakfast, put it out and smoke the rest with lunch, have one full one so I can sleep at night. That is what I’m going to try for April 1.

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I’m down to 5 cigs per day on most days. It’s a bit complicated though, because my new med regimen has caused me to gain quite a bit of weight. So the dilemma is: smoke and lose weight, or eat and gain even MORE weight.

Keep up the good work chordy!




That is very great news. I remember you said your intake was pretty high up there. To be down to 5 a day, Wow. :smiley: :thumbsup:

I’m going through and odd waiver where I do smoke less so I am eating more, but having better lung strength, I’m pushing myself a little harder to swim a little further so it will come off again.

Everything in life right now feels circular. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I know that dilemma of smoke or eat so well ! Too bad we can’t get away with sucking our thumbs. Oral silo heads is who we are. Maybe a pacifier for adults.


I have known people to use suckers when quitting as a way to keep their hands busy and satisfy the habit.

Stinky cigs can’t be anyone’s friend…they’re too selfish. They demand your money and your health. Not a good investment.

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I enjoy them and have no reason to quit.

The tobacco growers thank you for supporting them.

As an adult thumb sucker I’ve often wondered if smoking would be vastly reduced if adult thumb sucking was socially acceptable. The few times I’ve “slipped” didn’t cause too much of a reaction but there were some.

Do you smoke light or heavy cigarettes @PinCushion ?

this thread is so old that chordy has quit smoking for a long time guys…

@jukebox wow I didn’t even notice this thread was 5 years old…

Dont threads get closed if no one responds to it for some time ?

Yes, @jukebox is right. I quit smoking 3-4 years ago.


Whoa chordy is a legend!

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They are closed but sometimes someone comments so it reopens.

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