Man my folks are so techno phobic

Dad doesn’t trust iMessage on the iPad. He prefers emails. I tell him emails are a lot easier to hack into than iMessage.

I get very desperate in the community. Due to shortcomings in my meds I am often in distress. I reach out for help. My community mental health team can take days to return a call. I have no other professional services to turn to. I have no friends.

So I call my folks. But this upsets them and me. They hate phone calls. But I am so distraught I need to speak to someone. I live alone.

So out of compassion towards my parents I threw away my phones. This way I can’t disturb them. I would prefer to phone them but this isn’t an option. All I ask of them is a route of communication.

They say they are only comfortable with email. I hate email. Emails get hacked all the time. Plus it is so fractured and stutters. Messaging apps are better. But their mobile is ancient and they can’t handle texts.

I have given them two iPads and asked they use the inbuilt messaging app in the operating system. But no they don’t trust this. So I am left unable to communicate with people


I am in the same position. If you ever want to talk to someone in confidence, pm me - only if you want to, the offer is there if you do. Perhaps sharing experiences or just unloading whats bothering you my be an outlet that could help.


Really appreciate that buddy. I will do.

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