Man-made sexuality

is your sexuality natural or man-made?

  • natural
  • man-made

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if you grew up on a deserted island and found someone on the 30th year, would you know how to love that person?

I have a very strong preference of certain intimacy, but I think pr0n and romantic poetry might have greatly influenced it. I’m wondering if I would even have my sexuality (of being Straight) if I had never watched pr0n or read a romantic poem.

You want to go way down this rabbit hole, here’s a book that postulates that humans didn’t know to feel most of the emotions (romantic love included) until Shakespeare described them in his poetry and plays.

I couldn’t sign on to it, but it’s a fascinating read.

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wow, someone took this thread quite seriously. I’m quite flattered. but I shouldn’t expect anything less from Rhubot. :laughing:

I might check out the book eventually, actually. because the topic of this thread is a recurring thought and I’m bad at ignoring most of my recurring thoughts.

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