Man lost ability to walk after taking too many vitamin B6 supplements


That’s so sad. Poor guy. I hope he improves over time, since stopping the B6.

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That’s scary! I’ll be more careful with my b complex I choose. I like high dose Bs because they give energy. I’ll look for something else to take


We could make a horror medical stories thread.

I read an article today about a women who wanted to have the butt of Kim Kardashian and went to Turkey for a butt lift and died. She was 39.

Stories like this are all around. Despite many people owning their lives to docs, many die each day.

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Ooooooh, that’s unfortunate. That’s a really really high dose of B. Crazy high.

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This makes me scared as I used to take 250mg b6 to reduce prolactin but I stopped as it didn’t help energy or negative symptoms.

Thats 147x the rda of 1.7mg.

I take 250mg b6 since aziz mentioned it maybe 6 months ago and havent noticed much except maybe improved sexual function

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Rectum? Damn near killed em!

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People can get a reaction to just about anything that is ingested. The trick is to listen to the body if something feels off and only introduce one supplement at a time so there is control with side effects.

This doesen’t scare me much. I’m not taking high dose B6. But I’m taking 500mg b3 daily. which is much more than rda also and have been doing for a few years on and off… I think the benefit outweights the risk. It is one of two supplements I have found that really helps with intrusive thoughts.

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