Man, I'm a helluva nice guy!

So I went to my chiropractor at 6:30 this evening. An hour through traffic to another city near me. Kind of a bad area but not too bad. But I got there exactly on time and I went up to the front desk to sign in. There’s always 3 or 4 receptionists because they get pretty busy and the receptionists are usually young women in their twenties but there is occasionally one guy there.

I was standing back in line waiting and my turn came and I walked up and started signing in my name, date of birth, address etc. The receptionist I got was really friendly and I filled out a form and I was just kind of looking around the place there were two other receptionists and they looked at me and looked me in the eye and just gave me big friendly smiles and I smiled back. You see I get this type of reaction from people. People just size me up and they “get me” and it makes me feel good and like I’m on the right track in life.


i love it when that happens :slight_smile:

on the other hand i was talking to my friend about breakfast and said ‘fried bread’ and a guy was walking past and stopped and looked straight at me and i was like :confused: hi in an awkward sort of worried who are you and why did you just stop and look at me sort of way, i found out his name is fred and he thought ‘fried bread’ was ‘hi fred’ it was very awkward but me and my friend had a laugh about it after.

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