Man, I wish I had negative symptoms

Because I don’t have anything do.

Negative symptoms are hard to bear. I wouldn’t want people to have that. @Aziz would probably agree with that. Positive symptoms are a lot easier to treat.


Be careful what you wish for…


oh, I forgot…you suffer because of negative symptoms. How do you suffer, with not doing anything…if you are not motivated?

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I don’t, but seeing posts from those who do would make me never want to have them.

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It’s like depression… it’s hard to accomplish things, so your confidence level goes down… it’s also sad that you don’t really feel anything… my two cents

You don’t want negative symptoms Jake. They are awful. No enjoyment of things, no motivation, no emotions, etc…they aren’t something to envy.

No in the hell you don’t.

Nah mate - they are AWFUL. Im forever chasing that “excitement” in blowing money on new pc kit and games - only to have a fleeting enjoyment and end up closing the app down half hour later.

Its why the old drink has such a hold - cos at least when im pissed, im probably laughing - not sitting here flat as fck, feeling like an ungrateful teenager - never satisfied with his lot in life.

U definitely don’t wish to have negative symptoms, they r not good
I would rather have positive symptoms

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